Fan Sites:
  The Unofficial Ted Hawkins Homepage by Allan Wellings
  Sounds Strange to your Ears: Ted Hawkins by Alan Crandall
  Hodah's: Page 1 and Page 2

My own attempt at a Ted Hawkins discography.  Very-very incomplete! (php/mysql version coming)

Michael Messer has a TedPage

BatesMeyer, Inc. has a TedPage

The life story rights of the late singer/songwriter Ted Hawkins have been optioned for a motion picture release. Jeff Cooney Films in association with First Look Pictures has licensed the exclusive film rights from Hawkins' Widow Elizabeth Hawkins. A screenplay is currently in development, depicting this unique performer's rise from a simple street singer on Venice Beach to a talent recognized around the world.

The Earth Edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (H2G2) has a nice entry: Ted Hawkins - Blues Musician

The Hal Leonard Corporation is the publisher of the The Ted Hawkins Collection of guitar tablatures

The Covers Project has a page of Ted Hawkins goodness

Evidence Music has a Ted Page

Rolling Stone magazine, has a brief Biography of Ted

Terry Gross has 2-1/2 hour Interview with Ted

Unique photos of Ted Hawkins (I.e. not just scanned cover art):
  Marc Marnie
  Nima Taradji
  Rolling Stone
  Marc Marnie
  The Stoddard's Hale

Posters of Ted Hawkins performances:
  The Fillmore - September 26th, 1994 (local copy)
  The Fillmore - September 26th, 1994 (local copy)

Magazine articles on Ted Hawkins:
  Blues Access (now defunct) - article
  Hot Press - articles
  Acoustic Guitar - article
  Rambles - article
  MetroActive - article
  Sound Waves - article

eBay typically has a few Ted related "ted hawkins" items for sale

Or just do your own Google search for "ted hawkins" and see what you can find

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